The Ministry of Education in New Zealand and NZTBA have entered into an agreement to establish a Thai Learning Community Hub in Auckland. 

Big thanks to the New Zealand government for looking out for our Thai community!                 
This program is all about helping Thai parents understand the New Zealand curriculum and giving them the tools to support their kids' learning in school. It's a fantastic way to make sure our Thai families thrive in the education system here.


3th Dec 2023
Successfully facilitating a matched meeting between high-net-worth enterprises from Thailand and New Zealand.     
5th Dec 2023
NZTBA had an honour to attend the National Day reception on the occasion of Thailand’s Father’s Day
5th Sep 2023
On September 5th 2023 the NZTBA had the honour of hosting an Agribusiness Networking dinner event to help foster ties for agritech business matching between New Zealand and Thailand