Promoting Trade and
Business Matchmaking :
NZTBA strive to become the leading platform that connects businesses from New Zealand and Thailand, promoting trade and facilitating valuable partnerships and collaborations.
Fostering Knowledge
Exchange & Collaboration :
NZTBA functions as a platform for the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and the promotion of collaboration and networking, aiming to strengthen trading relationships and facilitate the transfer of information and technology.
Providing Business
Support Services :
NZTBA offers a variety of services to our members, including networking opportunities, start-up assistance, and guidance in navigating the local business landscape. We provide support in understanding the legal, financial, immigration, and tax requirements for market entry in both Thailand and New Zealand.


Frikkie and Pao Le Roux from High Performance Training and Coaching for joining us today to explore business opportunities between Thailand and New Zealand. Our discussion has revealed numerous areas of potential collaboration.
Our team is actively working on bringing a taste of Thailand to New Zealand One of our members specialises in the importation of food products to New Zealand. NZTBA is dedicated in matching Kiwi and Thai companies and assist with orchestrating the import of high-quality products.